Welcome to my website. I Produce, Direct, Shoot and occasionally Edit, I do a little bit of everything. I embrace the unknown and get a kick out of making things happen. I love thinking out of the box. I prefer to ask for forgiveness than permission. I see the “big picture” and the details simultaneously. My true passions are conceived while I am capturing the moment. I like old things, having purpose and giving it everything I got.

As for this website, It’s a visual portal into mostly random work, play, travel, and just everyday moments. Its a snap shot of my life. The site is also a showcase of my professional work, sprinkled with a little dash of pure me. As I continue to grow,  I feel my life is a endless journey of exploration and discovery. Each moment is intense and gleaming. So continue to check back for image updates, video adds and what I am currently up to. Ok, and Cut! That’s a WRAP!